Theraputic Massages

Reflexology £55

About 45 Minutes. Includes a lower leg and foot massage.

Did you know that you have hundreds of pressure points on your feet which correspond to all the parts of your body? In this treatment, your therapist uses her thumbs and fingertips to massage your feet and locate any sensitive areas which may indicate blockages in your energy channels. Your flow of positive energy is thus cleared of obstacles and then you can begin to experience healing and wellness. This treatment is recommended in blocks of four for maximum benefit

Tui Na – Chinese / Swedish Massage - £55

Pronounced Twee-nar, this therapy, which is widely practised in China, involves massage, acupressure, gentle releases, mobilisation, energy building and cranial balancing. Aspects of TuiNa are used in the West under such headings as Swedish massage, reflexology and cranio-sacral therapy. It is safe for babies, children and the elderly, is pain-free and has no known side-effects.

Ear Candling (includes a face massage) £55

This treatment may give relief from sinus problems, tinnitus, earache, recurring sore throats and other ear-nose-throat conditions.