Acupuncture | From £55

This ancient Chinese medical practice for the treatment of pain or disease uses the insertion of fine needles into specific points on the body to restore the life energy and balance (called Chi).

Disruption of the energy flow results in pain and/or illness, according to practitioners. A point is needled to change the flow of Chi in the channels of the body and rebalance it to bring about healing and health. Acupuncture is virtually painless and the needles are as fine as hairs. We use only sterile, single-use, sealed units.

Cupping | From £55

By using special heated glass jars as an aid to massage, a vacuum is created to improve blood flow and movement of body fluids, stimulate muscles and enhance internal organ function. Cupping can be a stand-alone therapy or form part of an combined treatment comprising, for example, ultrasound, massage, soft tissue release and muscle energy technique.

Food Intolerance Testing | £75

Are certain foods causing you problems? You should be tested for hundreds of food items to find the culprits. Our safe self-help programme of elimination and gradual re-introduction may help you to identify the potential ‘offenders’. When you know what is making you ill, you can say goodbye to it forever! The test takes about one hour

Anmo Fu – Deep Organ Diagnosis | From £55

Deep massage on the abdomen using oil can help relieve muscle weakness and address physical and emotional disorders caused by internal organ dysfunction. Your symptoms may include gas and blockages affecting the normal transport of food, blood and bodily fluids. Anmo Fu may also help to regulate hormonal imbalance.

Tui Na – Chinese Massage | From £55

Pronounced Twee-nar, this therapy, which is widely practised in China, involves massage, acupressure, gentle releases, mobilisation, energy building and cranial balancing. Aspects of Tui Na are used in the West under such headings as Swedish massage, reflexology and cranio-sacral therapy. It is safe for babies, children and the elderly, is pain-free and has no known side-effects.

ALSO AVAILABLE – Sports Injury treatment.