Testimonials - What People Say About Us! (Page 1)

Isobel’s thirst for knowledge and new skills sets her at the top of her class.  Never one to rest on her laurels, she’s an inspiration and a terrific practitioner.  She has treated me on numerous occasions over the years using a variety of therapies and techniques, and never claims the credit for her successes.  She just thinks that fortune has been kind to her – I believe she has a special gift and well deserves the fruits of her labours.

Mrs. L. B., Leeds.

Isobel’s open and relaxed manner make every session informative and fun.  She explains what she is doing and why, in easy layman’s language, so the healing process becomes a partnership – a blending of energies.  Simple devices such as a liquorice allsort and a lump of blu-tack make effective teaching aids, and remind one of her long and illustrious teaching career before changing direction in 1996.

Mr. J. C., Preston.

Healing Hands is a vocation for Isobel, not just a job.  At Healing Hands, you receive Isobel’s special healing ministry where high quality treatments, time and patience are at the centre.  I recommend Isobel wholeheartedly – a very caring and genuine person.

Miss H.A., Garstang.

As a client of many months’ standing, I can say that – being a bit phobic about painkilling drugs – I found exactly the back pain relief I needed from just one visit. I have continued with my visits for back, shoulder, neck and head massage because I know I can now live a painfree life – thanks to those healing hands.  I have been treated throughout by Isobel Hamid, whose knowledge and skills are second to none and whose witty and lively personality adds a joy to every treatment. 

Mrs. A. V., Morecambe.

I have been having massages from Isobel for seven years – I think that says it all! 

Mr. P. K., Lancaster.