Testimonials - What People Say About Us! (Page 2)

"Dear Isobel, I wish to thank you so very much for giving me back the use of my hand which was severely damaged in my recent car accident.  Your expertise and TLC over the four sessions has brought about a remarkable recovery, and thanks to you I can now put this nightmare episode behind me."

Mrs. J. B., Brookhouse, Lancaster.

I am a 93-year-old lady and, during a recent short holiday, I fell between a pleasure boat (a paddle steamer) and the quayside while disembarking.  I was shocked and severely bruised.  Four men pulled me out of the water, but in the process they disturbed the shoulder joint replacement I recently had. I knew that only one person would be able to help me - someone I trust - and that person is Isobel.  She has visited me at home and treated me there, and now I am on the mend and firmly of the belief that Isobel is special.  Long may she continue to practise.

Miss V.H., Carnforth.

I had been suffering 'drop attacks' - blacking out when I rested my head back in my armchair.  Isobel knew at once what the problem was and treated me appropriately for three sessions, after which the problem went away.  She has worked wonders.

Mr S H, Lancaster.

My 9-year-old son had a fall over a year ago onto his right hand.  Although there was nothing broken, he has experienced a lot of pain and severe loss of movement - for example, unable to hold a pen, to cut his food, to tie shoelaces, to grip anything.  Doctors prescribed painkillers but no treatment of any kind.  Meanwhile my son continued to struggle at school, at home and at play.  Isobel made his treatments into a game, with rewards for achievement, and he really looked forward to going to the clinic.  His damaged ligaments have now mended and he goes back to school next week into the top class of Juniors, well able to cope.

Ms J.T., Lancaster.

Isobel has treated my wife, my mother-in-law and myself with promptness, skill and gentleness.  Hers is the first phone number I call when we have a muscle strain or a problem needing physiotherapy.

Mr. D. K., Lancaster.

I am a self-employed plumber and central heating engineer.  My hobbies are martial arts and jet-skiing.  Consequently, I keep getting injuries both at work and at play.  Isobel always treats me the same day when I phone and so I never lose time at work, and I can depend on her to sort out my problems speedily and efficiently.

Mr. T. C., Lancaster.